Evo Gaming #187 – Modernising the Gaming Industry

Meet the speakers

Emma Kujansuu

Production Developer At Embark

Scott Ginyard

Product Marketing Manager At Star Stable

Pontus Rundqvist

Brand Manager At Raw Fury

Today's host

Melanie Lindsey

Join host Melanie Lindsey in this episode of Evo Gaming, where industry experts Emma Kujansuu (Production Developer at Embark), Scott Ginyard (Product Marketing Manager at Star Stable), and Pontus Rundqvist (Brand Manager at Raw Fury) discuss the cutting-edge advancements modernizing the gaming industry. Dive into insightful conversations about game development, production strategies, and innovative marketing techniques reshaping the gaming landscape. Stay ahead of the curve with expert insights from professionals driving change in the gaming world. Tune in for an engaging discussion that explores the future of gaming technology and industry trends.

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