Evo Gaming #181 – The Passions and Challenges of Audio Direction

Meet the speakers

Chris Green

Director of Music & Audio At Crytek

Stefan Randelshofer

Audio Director At Larian Studios

Franco Freda

Head of Audio At Paradox Interactive

Richard Lapington

Audio Director At Remedy Entertainment

Today's host

Sol Bate

Join host Sol Bate in this exciting episode of Evo Gaming as he explores the passions and challenges of audio direction in the gaming industry. Sol is joined by a panel of experts, including Chris Green from Crytek, Stefan Randelshofer from Larian Studios, Franco Freda from Paradox Interactive, and Richard Lapington from Remedy Entertainment. They delve into the world of gaming audio, sharing their insights and experiences. Discover how these professionals shape the immersive audio experiences in your favorite games.

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