Evo Gaming #179 – Intro to Modoyo – Building Our Dreamhouse

Meet the speakers

Harlis Ounapuu

Chief Creative Officer At Modoyo

Peter Stahl

CEO & Co-founder At Modoyo

Niklas Fegraeus

Chief Creative Officer At Modoyo

Today's host

Harry Phokou

Join host Harry Phokou in this exciting episode as he introduces you to Modoyo, the company behind your gaming dreams. Harry is joined by Modoyo’s Chief Creative Officer, Harlis Ounapuu, and CEO & Co-founder, Peter Stahl, to discuss their innovative approach to game development. Learn about their vision for the future of gaming and how they’re building a dreamhouse of experiences for gamers worldwide. Explore the intersection of creativity and technology in the gaming industry with insights from these industry leaders. Get ready to level up your gaming knowledge!

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