Evo Gaming #178 – AI Art Why People are Here to Stay

Meet the speakers

Mikael Karnell

Lead Environment Artist At EA DICE

Carlos Villarreal Kwasek

Artist & Co-Founder At Wild Games

Daniel Johnsen

Chief Creative Officer At Playchain

Today's host

Adam Miller-Bettridge

Join host Adam Miller-Bettridge in an enlightening episode of Evo Gaming as he explores the captivating world of AI Art and its enduring impact on the gaming industry. Adam engages in insightful conversations with industry experts Mikael Karnell, Lead Environment Artist at EA DICE; Carlos Villarreal Kwasek, Artist & Co-Founder of Wild Games; and Daniel Johnsen, Chief Creative Officer at Playchain. Discover how AI is reshaping gaming creativity and its role in the future. Don’t miss this engaging discussion with these influential figures from EA DICE, Wild Games, and Playchain.

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