Evo Gaming #177 – The Future Of AI In Games

Meet the speakers

Anders Holmquist

CTO At Sharkmob

Kristoffer Benjaminsson

CTO At Fast Travel Games

Cosmin Barau

CTO At DreamLit Games

Today's host

Aarronn Campbell

Join host Aarronn Campbell as he delves into the exciting realm of AI in the gaming industry. In this episode, Aarronn is joined by a trio of distinguished guests, including Anders Holmquist, CTO at Sharkmob; Kristoffer Benjaminsson, CTO at Fast Travel Games; and Cosmin Barau, CTO at DreamLit Games. Together, they explore the cutting-edge developments and the future potential of AI in games. Dive into this insightful conversation with industry leaders to uncover the trends shaping the gaming landscape.

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