Evo Gaming #173 – The Race to Sustainability – Can We Make It Without Sacrificing Speed

Meet the speakers

Per Malmen

Tech Director At Nördlight

Sina Tavakoli

Technical Lead At Rovio

Edgard Damiani

Studio Tech Lead At MAG Interactive

Today's host

Harry Phokou

Join host Harry Phokou in Episode 173 of Evo Gaming as he delves into “The Race to Sustainability.” Discover how the gaming industry is striving for environmental responsibility without compromising speed. Harry’s guests, Per Malmen, Tech Director at Nördlight, Sina Tavakoli, Technical Lead at Rovio, and Edgard Damiani, Studio Tech Lead at MAG Interactive, share insights on sustainable practices in gaming. Explore the tech innovations making this possible. Dive into the intersection of gaming and eco-consciousness in this exciting episode.

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