Evo DK #163 – How Do You Break Into Tech From Different Backgrounds

Meet the speakers

Mareike Bonitz

Head of Product At Onomondo

Nicholas Gioachini

Software Engineer At ARPEDIO

Kätriin Huttunen

Product Design Lead At Vestas

Mette Dhyrberg

Founder & CEO At Mymee

Today's host

Sean Thompson

Join host Sean Thompson as he dives into the dynamic world of tech careers with distinguished guests Mareike Bonitz, Head of Product at Onomondo, Nicholas Gioachini, Software Engineer at ARPEDIO, Kätriin Huttunen, Product Design Lead at Vestas, and Mette Dhyrberg, Founder & CEO of Mymee. Discover how professionals from varied backgrounds successfully transitioned into the tech industry. This episode offers valuable insights and practical advice for anyone looking to break into tech and thrive in diverse roles within this ever-evolving field.

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