Evo Cyber Security #47 – Bridging the Gap: Fostering Developer & Security Team Collaboration

Meet the speakers

Curtis Koenig

Head of Application Security At Gen Digital

Feng Zhu

Principal DevSecOps Engineer At xDesign

Jeevan Singh

Director of Product Security At Twilio

Mark Goodwin

Application Security Lead At Matillion

Today's host

Gareth Davies

Join host Gareth Davies in Episode 47 of Evo Cyber Security as he discusses “Bridging the Gap: Fostering Developer & Security Team Collaboration.” Today’s guests include Curtis Koenig, Head of Application Security at Gen Digital; Feng Zhu, Principal DevSecOps Engineer at xDesign; Jeevan Singh, Director of Product Security at Twilio; and Mark Goodwin, Application Security Lead at Matillion. Discover valuable insights into the world of cyber security, application security, and how these experts are working together to enhance digital protection. Tune in for expert discussions and actionable advice in the ever-evolving field of cyber security.

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