Evo Cyber Security #36 – AI & Machine Learning in Application Security

Meet the speakers

Ken Toler

Director - Application and Blockchain Security At Kudelski Security

Prathyusha Muddasani

Application Security Manager At Compass Group USA

Johnny Walters

Application Security Program Manager At Ascena Retail Group

Today's host

James Price

In this episode of Evo Cyber Security, host James Price delves into the world of AI and machine learning in application security. Joining him are three esteemed guests who bring their expertise to the table. Ken Toler, the Director of Application Security at Kudelski Security, offers valuable insights. Prathyusha Muddasani, the Application Security Manager at Compass Group USA, shares her experiences in the field. Lastly, Johnny Walters, the Application Security Program Manager at Ascena Retail Group, contributes his knowledge to the discussion. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of the intersection between AI, machine learning, and application security.

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