Evo Cyber Security #35 – The Importance Of Threat Modeling In Application Security

Meet the speakers

Matthew Clapham

Sr. Director, Application Security - Activision Blizzard

Jeff Seaman

Senior Application Security Manager - PwC

Mark Houpt

CISO - DataBank

Christopher Gorham

Source Code / Application Development Manager - U.S. Department of Justice

Today's host

James Price

In the latest episode of Evo Cyber Security, we delve into the crucial topic of threat modeling in application security. Hosted by James Price, this insightful discussion features a lineup of esteemed guests, each bringing their expertise from renowned organizations. Join Matthew Clapham, Sr. Director of Application Security at Activision Blizzard; Jeff Seaman, Senior Application Security Manager at PwC; Mark Houpt, CISO at DataBank; and Christopher Gorham, Source Code / Application Development Manager at the U.S. Department of Justice. Together, they explore the significance of threat modeling, providing invaluable insights and strategies to fortify digital assets against potential threats. Don’t miss this informative and engaging episode on protecting your applications.

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