Evo AU #173 – Becoming a Microsoft MVP

Meet the speakers

Elizabeth Pappalardo

Community Program Manager At Microsoft

Heidi Hasting

Consultant At Microsoft MVP | Data Platform

Michael John Peña

Data and Al Director At Microsoft MVP | Azure Playtime Solutions

Jason Taylor

Solution Architect At Microsoft MVP | Developer Technologies Increment

Today's host

Shauna Rooney

Join host Shauna Rooney in Evo AU Episode 169, where industry leaders from Microsoft share insights on Cultivating Tech Talent for Innovation. Elizabeth Pappalardo, Community Program Manager; Heidi Hasting, Business Analyst Lead, Microsoft MVP | Data Platform; Michael John Peña, Data and AI Director, Microsoft MVP | Azure Playtime Solutions; and Jason Taylor, Solution Architect, Microsoft MVP | Developer Technologies Increment discuss strategies to foster innovation through talent development. Gain valuable perspectives on the evolving tech landscape from these experts at the forefront of industry advancements.

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