Evo #165 – The Challenges Faced by Leaders in Multi-Faceted Roles

Meet the speakers

Amar Puri

Head Of Technology At LocalAgentFinder

Peter "Dr Pete" Stanski

CTO v2 Digital

Navdeep Kundra

Head of IT: Enterprise Architecture At Country Road Group

Today's host

Fraser Weir

Join host Fraser Weir as he navigates through the complex challenges faced by leaders in multi-faceted roles. In this episode, Fraser engages in insightful conversations with industry experts including Amar Puri, Head Of Technology at LocalAgentFinder, Peter “Dr Pete” Stanski, CTO at v2 Digital, and Navdeep Kundra, Head of IT: Enterprise Architecture at Country Road Group. Explore the dynamic landscape of leadership, technology, and enterprise architecture as these seasoned professionals share their experiences and perspectives.

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