Evo AU #155 – Choosing the Right Technology for Successful Scalability

Meet the speakers

Maroun Abou Maroun

Head of Engineering At Kindred Group plc

Sanjay Bhagia

Senior Azure Specialist - Azure IoT At Inauro

John Heaton

Strategist At Alex.Bank

Today's host


In Episode 155 of “Evo,” Shauna is your guide on a journey to understanding the art of choosing the right technology for successful scalability. Joining her are three distinguished guests: Maroun Abou Maroun, Head of Engineering at Kindred Group plc; Sanjay Bhagia, Senior Azure Specialist focusing on Azure IoT at Inauro; and John Heaton, a Strategist at Alex.Bank. Gain valuable insights and strategies from these experts as they share their experiences and knowledge on navigating the ever-evolving landscape of technology and engineering.

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