Evo AU #154 – The Journey To Build your Platform Engineering Team

Meet the speakers

Alejandro Sanchez-Giraldo

Head of Quality Engineering & Observability At DevOps1

Paul Kelcey

VP Engineering At NurtureCloud

David Jorm

Head Of Security At x15ventures

Today's host


Join Shauna as she delves into the fascinating world of platform engineering team building in Episode 154 of “Evo.” She’s joined by a stellar lineup of industry experts, including Alejandro Sanchez-Giraldo, Head of Quality Engineering & Observability at DevOps1; Paul Kelcey, VP Engineering at NurtureCloud; and David Jorm, Head of Security at x15ventures. Discover the strategies, insights, and challenges these leaders share on their journey to build effective platform engineering teams. Don’t miss this insightful discussion on the evolving landscape of engineering and security in the tech industry.

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