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  • January 28, 2021
  • Admins

Driving Ambition of Women in the IT Industry


Working with the UKOUG, Evolution surveyed IT professionals to examine their motivations and experiences. 

The survey also provided key insights to thoughts on the issues of diversity in the sector.

From the results we created a White Paper to explain the findings further. Some of the highlights include:

  • Over 50% of women working in IT believe they will have a more senior role within five years.
  • Reaffirming this shift in perception, more women foresee career progression in IT than men. 
  • Women in IT are more likely to move between roles and companies than men.

With wage inequality still a real factor in IT, businesses need to make changes.

Championing women and balancing the wage scales is a starting point. Long term, more needs doing to promote the industry to future generations of females.

Enabling career advancement and promoting the success of women in IT will help with this.

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