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  • March 9, 2020
  • Gareth Morris

Discussing Distributed Technology Teams



Dimitri L. – Head of DevOps at LoveHolidays

Christo Olivier – Independent Solutions Architect 

Andy Norton – Software Development Manager at Footasylum 


Andy on Remote Team Management: 

So my tip is really just been around how can we still be effective in solving business problems and a lot of it is just getting people to talk to other people, like, the amount of conversations I have and i’m like: if you actually spoke to them, if you ask them what problem we got, you know, it’s just getting people to talk. And I think it’s quite a nice level of working from home because you developers don’t always like to speak to people. They like speaking to developers. So you forced them into a situation where they’re gonna have to actually have conversations and everyone’s in the same situation.

Christo on Paying Technical Debt of Not Being Remote

The other thing that comes with that is I think a lot of companies are now starting to pay the technical debt. And this may be called the organizational debt of relying on the interpersonal relationship of, I could just get up and go to so and so’s desk and ask them what’s going on in this particular area instead of actually, having done the work to put the documentation in place so that someone can do it in an in an offline fashion or an asynchronous fashion.

Dimitri on Realigning Priorities 

We seem to be able to tackle ever larger and ever more important pieces of work where, in the past, you were in a distracted state of the office environment where you are reactive rather than proactive. You’re just there to keep the ship afloat and get through the day. With a complete move to the remote work across the entire company, I can see it as a shift not just my team or not just acknowledge across the board. We as a company tackling much larger and more difficult problems that will help us to align with a true north star and solve really interesting and difficult challenges and it’s something I’m really excited about.



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