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  • September 6, 2020
  • Gareth Morris

Digital Transformation Roundtable


Update: Ravi has since left his role at Bentley Motors.

Bernadette Calrke, Contract Director Private, Public Sector & NHS sits down with leading talent in the digital transformation space to discuss all things digitalisation. 

Ravi Sibal – Interim Digital Transformation Program Director at Bentley Motors Ltd

Harvey Neve – Head of Digital Products and Transformation at PHE

Dianne Goodburn – Digital Transformation Director at Indivior

Tim Sutton – Director of Digital Transformation at IRIS Software Group


1:00 – Introductions

9:00 – Build back better – returning to work with new ideas and oppotunities

14:00 – Rationalising the workforces – Is work a thing you do or a place you go? 

18:20 – Leaders need new skills to keep up with a hybrid workforce

22:05 – Understanding working environments to build back better

24:10 – Meeting overload

25:30 – soundbite – empowering the team make decisions around meetings

27:00 – Empower people to bring in infrastructure solutions

38:00 – Agile working methologies in non agile companies

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