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  • February 17, 2021
  • Gareth Morris

Computing DevOps Summit: A Review


Tuesday was an insightful day for myself and my colleagues, Chris Nicholas and Mark Hollett, as we attended the Computing DevOps Summit at the Hilton Tower Bridge London.

With a number of senior figures from businesses across London attending, it was extremely interesting to listen to the different challenges each organisation had, or is currently facing, whilst on their DevOps journey.


There were some great presentations from the likes of Clinton Elston, the General Manager of DevOps and Cloud at TUI UK&I, and Hardeep Bath, the VP Head of Core Engineering and Corporate Technology at Barclays, on how to introduce DevOps into a large enterprise.

Personally, I enjoyed the panel debates as we got to hear different opinions from figures such as Tom Clark, Head of Common Platform at ITV, Ryan Bryers, the CTO of Worldline UK&I, and Aubrey Stearn, the DevOps Lead at Pizza Hut.

DevOps has become an unavoidable word in technology circles lately, with many companies, understandably, wanting to reap the business benefits of bringing developers and operational staff closer together. It is clear to see DevOps is still a grey area, as there are still numerous different perceptions of what DevOps truly is and what it means to a business.

Overall, there was a lot to take away from the DevOps Summit, but there was one theme evident throughout all the discussions; starting small and spending time developing a strong collaborative company culture are the two areas a business should focus on when starting their DevOps journey.


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