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  • March 10, 2018
  • Gareth Morris

7 ways to recruit the top financial cybersecurity talent


Cyber threats are growing, yet an estimated 1.8 million cybersecurity jobs will go unfilled by 2020. The finance industry is desperately seeking cybersecurity IT professionals, but with a growing skills gap, recruiting the top financial cybersecurity candidates can be tough.

At Evolution Recruitment Solutions, we can help with our top seven tips on recruiting the top cybersecurity talent your company needs.

1. Talk to an expert

Recruitment is hard. Throw technical requirements, cyber security skills, industry updates and salary ranges into the mix and it’s even harder. The early involvement of a specialised financial cybersecurity recruitment agency will make your search for cybersecurity candidates easier, quicker and successful by:

  • Advising you on the skills in demand;
  • Carrying out pre-screening of applications; and
  • Providing you with a shortlist of suitable candidates.

This makes recruiting easier, cost-effective and successful.

2.  Offer the right benefits

With the war for talented cybersecurity finance professionals on, many companies are offering over-the-top salaries, and some cybersecurity IT professionals are demanding them. But the success is often short-term when the other benefits don’t stack up.

Speak to a specialist IT recruitment agency to determine a competitive salary for your role and the benefits that are attracting candidates over and above salaries. Education, career advancement, being heard and investment in security technologies are big winners when it comes to benefits, as is flexible working and opportunities for career advancement. Champion what you offer, consider if you could do better and, above all else, don’t sell a dream that isn’t true. If employees can’t work from home, don’t leave it until their first day to tell them.

3. Build an online and offline presence

Reputation is everything in this industry and potential cybersecurity candidates will be checking you out online and with their peers. Make an effort to:

  • Attend local networking events and meetups to make valuable connections, meet potential employees and increase your brand reputation;
  • Be active on social media, showing candidates what it’s like working for you and the successes you achieve; and
  • Follow up on any Glassdoor reviews, with honest and non-defensive replies.

It’s also important to have good recruitment etiquette, telling candidates if they have been unsuccessful and offering feedback.  

4. Look for the right skills

We all dream of the perfect candidate but often someone who doesn’t meet all of the requirements will excel in ways you never imagined. Review the job description with managers, colleagues and, if possible, the previous role holder to identify essential, desirable and no longer required skills. Don’t forget soft skills, such as the ability to explain technical information to non-technical colleagues, and testing essential technical requirements at interviews.

5. Be flexible and quick

This is a candidate’s market, meaning that you need to be flexible with your recruitment processes and act quick. Offer out-of-hour interviews and, above all else, be quick about it; the top talent isn’t job searching for long. You must streamline your recruitment processes so that CV sifting, interviews and a job offer happens quickly. Involve a specialist IT recruitment consultancy to help with the pre-sifting and initial interview stages.

6. Target the untapped market

Female millennials and professionals from different industries are all underrepresented in the cybersecurity market but, together, they offer an unrivalled opportunity to develop innovative approaches to security protection. Ensure that your recruitment process, training programmes and company benefits are attractive to quality candidates, regardless of their background.

7. Target the passive market and contractors

With the pay being so lucrative in this sector, many professionals aren’t actively job searching, but that doesn’t mean you can’t target them. Use an IT recruitment agency to explore their passive candidate books. At Evolution Recruitment Solutions, we build long-term relationships with all of our candidates, so we know when they’ll be next thinking of changing roles and we know what is going to tempt them away. And, if you’re still struggling to find the right person for you, consider using contractors until you do. They’re effective, know what they’re doing and can save you money in the long term.

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