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  • December 6, 2019
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30 Great Content Ideas for Employer Branding


Coming up with content for your careers page or employer social media accounts?


I feel guilty for saying this – even though I’ve spent most part of my career creating content, I do still sometimes get stuck. Call it a creative block or time for a shower/caffeine fix, the ideas just won’t flow out. I can be starring at the blank screen in front of me for hours (don’t tell my boss) but still get no inspiration. 


Sounds familiar? Well, I’m guessing this happens to just about anyone in the content creation line so I’ve created this list to help both you and I get through those unproductive moments. We all have deadlines to meet, don’t we? So let’s get started!


Here are 30 quick wins for your employer branding content…

  1. Share historical milestones of your company
  2. Interview the founders/CEO/Directors of your company
  3. Show how your company’s work is aligned with its mission and vision
  4. Share new developments at your company, e.g. new products, new office etc
  5. Share external events that your company takes part in
  6. If employees are attending industry events, post photos/short films about their experiences
  7. Show how the inside of the office looks like
  8. Show how the view from the office looks like
  9. Tell people about awards your company has won
  10. Tell people about your company’s staff events
  11. Share about your company’s staff bonding activities
  12. Talk about your company’s inclusion and diversity policies
  13. Share how the employees’ work is making an impact to the company and community
  14. Post staff testimonials
  15. Showcase staff’s hidden talent, especially if your company supports it. For example, some companies support toastmaster groups, sport/music interest groups etc
  16. Interview staff on interesting, lesser-known facts about their work
  17. Interview staff about their working experience at the company
  18. Share tokens of appreciation that staff receives or sends to each other
  19. Talk about learning and development opportunities at your company
  20. Share career paths the current employees have gone on
  21. Talk about study awards or sponsorships that your company provides
  22. Share about training workshops for staff
  23. Interview employees about what they gained from the training
  24. Talk about your company’s pantry, especially if you have an impressive one!
  25. Share about your company’s medical benefits
  26. Share about your company’s flexible work arrangements
  27. Talk about incentive trips staff have gone or are going for
  28. Celebrate staff work anniversaries
  29. Celebrate staff promotions
  30. Celebrate staff personal, special occasions, e.g. weddings, newborn


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