IR35: In conversation with James Poyser from

Recently, Bernadette Clarke and I visited James Poyser at to discuss all things IR35 and the best next steps for contractors and clients.

In our discussion with James, we cover:

  • Purpose of
  • for clients and recruiters
  •’s motivations 
  • IR35: Doing things properly 
  • IR35: Not difficult to get right 
  • IR35: Trends
  • IR35: Proactive clients? 
  • IR35: Communication 
  • IR35: Vetted agencies 
  • IR35: Recruiters on the hook 
  • IR35: Agencies doing things right 
  • IR35: Third-party assessments 
  • IR35: Not using CEST 
  • IR35: Is outside IR35 dodgy? 
  • IR35: PAYE or Umbrella only clients? 
  • IR35: Umbrella options 
  • IR35: Best first step for clients 
  • IR35: Best first step for contractors 

Watch the full IR35 discussion below:

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