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  • February 17, 2021
  • Gareth Morris

Why an employee leaving isn’t bad news


One of your top IT developers (the one that you’ve invested coaching, training and additional responsibilities in) has handed in their notice. One month and they’re gone – taking all of their knowledge and skills with them. While a talented employee leaving can feel like the end of the world for the company (and the end of work-life-balance for the hiring manager), we’re here to tell you why an employee leaving isn’t bad news. In fact, it’s probably just the shake-up you need.

People move jobs – it’s a fact of life. Stack Overflow’s latest survey reports that only 19.4% of developers intend to stay-put over the next five years. But, instead of sweating about retention or entering into fierce counter-offer negotiations, first, consider the benefits of your top IT position becoming vacant.

It helps you to improve

Only 18.7% of developers are extremely satisfied in their current role, which means that 81.3% of your employees have an issue which you probably aren’t aware of. An existing employee provides the perfect setting for them to reveal what can be improved about the role, management and company – with no repercussions. Arrange for an exit interview to be conducted by someone other than the employee’s manager (e.g. a member of HR) and ask for honest feedback – both good and bad. Use this feedback to improve working practices and address any issues for the existing team and new employees.

It helps you to attract talent

When someone wants to leave your team, it can feel like a blow – even a criticism – but it’s actually a huge compliment. You’ve done a great job in developing someone’s skills, experience and confidence to a level where they can progress their career. Not only is this great for the employee, but it is also a big sell when it comes to recruiting, and it gives a chance for existing employees to work their way up. Opportunities for professional development is one of the highest priorities for job-seeking IT developers, and here you have the perfect case study to demonstrate.

It helps you change

Longevity of service brings knowledge, history and loyalty, but it also brings repetition. The same skills, the same way of working and the same way of thinking. Now, you have the chance to shake things up. You can recruit in the top developer skills, consider IT contractors, bring your IT salaries in-line with the rest of the market, give existing employees a chance to take on more responsibilities and think about graduate IT roles. You can change for the better, without worrying about what your long-serving employees will make of it all.

It helps you to be diverse

As you’ll know from our recent blog, women (among other groups) are vastly underrepresented in the IT industry. You can now address this in your new recruitment campaign and interview experience, taking active steps to diversify your team by bringing in different backgrounds, skills and experiences that can improve your department’s success. You’ll also be helping the industry at large, championing diversity and equal pay in IT.

It expands your network

You don’t have to burn all bridges just because someone has left the office pact. Both departing and incoming employees bring additional networks and contacts to benefit from, as well as the opportunity to work with specialist IT recruitment agencies who can connect you with the talent, companies and industry information to improve your business. You’ll learn the benefits that other companies offer their employees, the skills that the leading companies are recruiting for and insights into how the big technology companies across Europe work.

You get a party

And last but by no means least, we all know an office farewell means a cake, or two. Celebrate the journey that your employee has had with you, the benefits that they’ve brought to the company and the new face that you’ll welcome to your team. An employee leaving isn’t bad news – it’s an opportunity for everyone.


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