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  • March 31, 2022
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What Tech Hiring Managers Want from Freelancers


Learn more about the career opportunities at ATG through Hakan on Linkedin or their careers page.

Rebuilding Their Gaming Servers and Moving Away from Legacy Systems: The Exciting Projects at ATG

If you are a back end developer, we’re starting to rebuild our own gaming site and gaming servers. We had a very old server that we’re breaking apart and building microservice architecture instead, written in Kotlin.

We want to own our own data, and so on. So that is very interesting. And also, we’re removing lots of legacy systems to mean modernise everything, we’re starting to look at going to cloud in some parts. So there is plenty of great projects to get stuck in to.

The reason we moved to Kotlin was because it was a few of our Freelancers who wanted to try it and it worked out great

What Hakan looks for in his Freelancers

I want them to take a bit more charge and to come up with new ideas. I mean, they have been working with lots of other companies, they see more then we do so we want them to come in with new fresh ideas, try new stuff. I’m very open to to try new stuff. I always ask, can we make will the development goes faster? Will they shorten the lifecycle everything? If they say yes, try it, they will see how it works.

When looking at Freelancer Profiles, What does Hakan look for?

I look at the latest assignments they have been on. If a few have been less than three months we usually start to ask questions because we like Freelancers to stick around and build a relationship with us.

And also of course, the tech stack. We’re using Java Kotlin, Spring Boot, Hazel cast everything like that. So they should be up to date by the technical stuff.

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