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  • February 8, 2019
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What is the best way to approach a recruiter?


There are benefits to using a recruitment company for your job search and we have talked about them here. By building a positive relationship with your recruiter, you will have a more productive recruitment experience. In this series “Working with recruitment companies”, we explore the dos and don’ts of working with a recruiter.


The most successful recruiters specialise in only one or a few areas, being focused allows them to build their knowledge and professional network in those areas.


By working with recruiters for their job search, candidates gain access to the knowledge and network these recruiters took years to build. Hence, it is advisable to approach a recruiter who specialises in your professional domain for a higher chance of finding your ideal role.


That said, there are different types of recruiter, with some specialising in certain job functions (such as sales and marketing, human resources, finance or procurement) or industries (such as information technology, manufacturing, construction or banking and finance).


The way to approach recruiters is to begin with a research on their background and the areas they specialise in. Fortunately, most recruiters are active on LinkedIn and you can learn about which sectors they are active in. 


Before you approach recruiters, ensure that you have an up-to-date CV and LinkedIn profile. Most recruiters will want to look at your profile to get a better understanding of your background so as to match you with a suitable opportunity.


Another way to approach recruiters is to look for their contact details. You can often find via the following means:


  1. Google search
  2. The recruitment company’s corporate website
  3. Job advertisements (some recruiter include their email address in the job ad)


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