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  • February 10, 2019
  • Gareth Morris

What freelance consultants working in the EU need to know about Brexit


Given the recent weeks in UK politics, it is understandable that those engaging with UK businesses from the EU may be somewhat confused.

At the moment, the UK Government will leave the EU on 31st October 2019, with or without a Withdrawal Agreement being formally agreed.

So, where does Evolution stand? We have been preparing for Brexit since the referendum result, and have assessed the potential ramifications of every possible outcome. We are, therefore, prepared to continue to do business in the UK and EU (and indeed across the globe) regardless.

Option 1 – Withdrawal Agreement (Deal Brexit)

Any Withdrawal Agreement kicks off a ‘transition period’ up to the end of 2020, meaning it is business as usual whilst trade deals are individually agreed. With this option there is no change to existing arrangements.

Option 2 – No Withdrawal Agreement (No Deal Brexit)

Whilst some of the mechanisms for trade are less clear in some areas, we have assessed those that affect us in this scenario, and there are only some small aspects that need consideration.

We have plans in place to accommodate that, or alternatively, we can transfer contracts to one of our two existing EU businesses. This means that everything will carry on seamlessly without any change in cost.

Option 3 – Delay to Brexit and General Election / Second Referendum

This option means we remain in the EU whilst the political uncertainty is addressed via a referendum or general election, following which a new exit process would be clearly outlined. As this option means we remain in the EU, there are no changes necessary.

In summary, working as freelance consultant via Evolution Recruitment Solutions will be business as usual wherever you are delivering your services.

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