• Webinar
  • February 17, 2021
  • Gareth Morris

Webinar: Navigating Post-lock-down Hiring Demand


Webinar: Navigating Post-lock-down Hiring Demand 

With Jeni Howard, Head of Compliance. 

With the UK government launching their 'Stay Alert' policy more and more employers are taking a look to the future. What does the COVID Alert System mean? What do I need to do to scale my teams back up? What part do contractors have to play in all of this? 

Jeni Howard, Evolution's Head of Compliance, answered all of these and more in the webinar above. 




Intro: Covid-19 change curve 

3.00 Succeeding in rapid periods of change – looking towards the opportunity.

5.00 The ‘Video to consumer market’ case study for a rapid period of change

6.50 Change curve and managing staff redundancies, retention and growth

7.50 Countering risk with a mixture of contract and permanent employees

8.00 Scaling your business and the use of contractors 

9.00 Protecting your business with robust contracts 

11.00 Pay on delivery and flexible notice periods

12.00 How to avoid storing up risk during COVID-19

13.00 Scaling up and de-risking the hiring process

14.00 FCSA certified and the importance of this

16.00 Failure to comply and the penalties associated with post- COVID-19

17.00 The state of the Talent Market 

18.00 Q&A:

  1. The Due diligence process and how to manage the 27 pages of compliance? 

  2. IR35 – should we be starting to prepare now?

About Jeni

Jeni is Evolution’s Head of Compliance. She helps both Clients & Candidates in understanding, preparing for, and dealing with the consequences of new and updated legislation. 

Her deep understanding of all the laws, regulations, contractual requirements and industry practice that affects recruitment, labour supply and employment make her an invaluable point of contact for anyone operating in the ever-changing landscape of the working world. 

For Clients, Contractor Groups and the wider business group she provides audit services to assess risk and legislative requirements, develop innovative solutions and execute a commercially sound, legally robust action plan.

Jeni has experience as a Compliance Manager & Data Protection Officer with additional qualifications as a Lead Auditor, Project Manager, Risk Assessor and Health and Safety Professional in addition to her reading of the law. 

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