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  • March 26, 2021
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View from a CTO – Deciding what to develop in house v buying externally



Karl Litterfeldt – Which do you personally prefer in general, if you have a preference? & How does operating in a(your) specific industry affect your choices regarding building in-house vs buying externally?

Adde Granberg – When should we scale our software development outside the Company. How much should the way we work with software development rule the way everybody else work? Are we changing the name on things we worked with before, for example, Did we have organizations consults before when we needed it, and now agile coaches employed? could be something?

Pablo Santiago – When deciding to outsource to another country, is it better to have the complete team completely outsourced (in order to gain locality) or just generic roles like development but keep lead positions in-house?

Joakim Platbarzdis – If you do choose to outsource – how do you go about working with them? Partnership? Mapping out their business? Swot?

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