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  • July 2, 2019
  • Gareth Morris

The Graduate: Sophie Gould


Hi! I’m Sophie, and I am a Recruitment Consultant here at Evolution. I am part of a team of specialist technical recruiters with a market focus in Europe, particularly Sweden, Finland, Norway, & Denmark. I specialise in the JavaScript (React/React Native/Angular/Vue/Node) and Front-End development space, and the locations I place people in jobs are Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo and Copenhagen. I’ve worked here for just over a year now, but I’m writing my first blog to share my experiences of the transition from being a student to a Recruitment Consultant.

How I came to work at Evolution

I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with a First in Biology and Chemistry, but after finishing my degree I was certain I didn’t want to progress with a career in the science field. Instead, I decided to go travelling around Australia for a while, which was definitely one of the best experiences of my life. I met so many people from so many different walks of life, and I learnt a lot more than I expected to when I was travelling. I’d definitely recommend it to any graduates who are unsure what they want to do in the interim between university and starting full-time work.

When I came home, I was job hunting and uploaded my CV onto lots of different job sites, which resulted in one of the internal recruiters from Evolution giving me a call. She explained all about Evolution and recruitment in particular, as up until that point I didn’t actually know much about what recruitment entailed. I was invited in for an interview, and it was great being able to speak to Gareth Morris, the CEO, to find out more about the business in depth.

When I was offered a job in the Graduate Academy, I accepted for a variety of reasons – but mainly because it seemed like such an interesting company to work for, and the job itself sounded more challenging than other sales jobs I had been looking into.

Joining Evolution’s Graduate Academy

I absolutely loved the Academy training with Matt Auton! He made the training genuinely enjoyable, and I learnt so much. Having an engaging training team inhouse is so beneficial, especially for people like myself who joined the business with no recruitment experience. No question felt like a silly question to ask, and I felt at home at Evolution from day one.

The weekly competitions in training also made things more interesting – a bit of friendly competition in recruitment definitely encourages you to work hard! Starting with my colleague Michael also made it less daunting. We both worked together not having any previous experience in the industry, so it was nice to share the journey and learn together.

It’s a great place to work

I’ve been here for just over 12 months now, and it’s safe to say I really enjoy working here. Recruitment is a challenging job – no two days are the same – but that’s what’s so great about it! Making placements and helping people find new jobs is so rewarding.

I think the best thing about working here definitely has to be the people. It’s just one big team – everyone is willing to help you, and nobody makes you feel stupid if you have a query or a problem, they will just help you resolve it. It’s a great working environment, and I’d definitely recommend other Graduates to get in touch with the internal recruitment team here if they’re interested in finding out about careers at Evolution.


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