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  • September 10, 2018
  • Gareth Morris

The future of DevOps: What to expect over the coming year


DevOps jobs are hot. The exciting new career path is paying well, offering unrivalled job satisfaction and providing thousands of job openings. 50% of companies are implementing DevOps to improve agility speed and performance, making it one of our clients’ most sought-after IT positions. But our consultants at Evolution Recruitment Solutions aren’t just excited about now – they’re eagerly looking towards the future, where DevOps jobs are set to shine.

We have rounded up our consultants’ top predictions for the future of DevOps, helping DevOps candidates in London and the rest of the UK plan their next career move, starting with:

Increased adoption

If you thought that the take up of DevOps in 2018 was impressive, wait until you see what 2019 has in store. DevOps is fast becoming the standard way of working, and businesses are loudly championing the power of DevOps in increasing speed to market, responding to market demands and successfully updating software and solutions. And, smaller businesses and scale-ups are taking note.

Evolution’s consultants predict a rise in London DevOps jobs and DevOps jobs across the rest of the UK, as more companies scramble for the top DevOps skills.

The rise of DevSecOps

Calling all DevOps engineers with a penchant for security! The worldwide shortage of cybersecurity candidates is predicted to reach 1.5 million by 2020. Add to that a rise in DevSecOps, and you’re going to be high in demand.

By 2019, nearly 70% of DevOps adopting companies will begin implementing security practices within the DevOps processes. Rather than being a last-minute drag, security practices will be considered and inbuilt early on in the development cycle, relying on the collaborative and coordinated approach that DevOps is loved for. Tools such as Tanium, InSpec, Plunk, Checkmarx, Metasploit, FireEye and Contrast Security will become increasingly used for analysis and testing throughout the process.

Changing architectures

The serverless technology market is rapidly increasing, supporting faster development at lower operational costs. The benefits of auto-scaling and reduced demands to provision new server instances come with a lack of visibility, and a shift towards application-level focus – making this new ecosystem reliant upon DevOps tools. DevOps jobs of the future will ask for familiarity with tools such as Cloud, Zero, Dashbird and Honeycomb, to help businesses achieve optimum agility.

While serverless architecture continues to emerge, the demand for microservice architecture is predicted to increase over the next year, as companies increasingly switch for improved efficiency and delivery times. Key to this movement are DevOps assembly lines and increased automation between the 6Cs development cycle stages.

Automation and continuous delivery

100% automation is what DevOps professionals dream of, and work towards this goal continues. The imminent future will see further development and use of automation tools for tasks, including application performance and management, log management and monitoring. Automation will enhance systems and enable rapid scaling.

The automation of processes will redirect DevOps’ focus from continuous integration to continuous delivery. DevOps jobs will look for candidates who can ensure that new changes can be released quickly, in a sustainable way – being able to click the deploy button at any point in time.

Artificial intelligence

AI is popping up everywhere, and DevOps is no exception. There is a huge opportunity for AI in DevOps, helping to guide collaboration in the right direction and taking on the grunt work. Increased use of AI in the triage of work and producing an optimal workflow is predicted, allowing DevOps engineers to improve efficiencies and results by focusing on the right work.

Coding knowledge

Our key message to DevOps job seekers – don’t let your coding knowledge go awry. Manual testing will continue to slide, as testers with coding knowledge and experience of running automated test scripts come into demand. Automated testing increases delivery speeds, as well as being efficient, reliable and set to dominate the future.

Smarter working

There’s no doubt about it, in an area as new as DevOps, there’s still a lot of learning to come. Developers will continue to learn from its audience and help them adjust to this new way of thinking and delivery. The cultural shift will continue as silos continue to dissolve and the success of collaborative and cooperative working is championed through bigger and better results.

DevOps candidates who seek job recognition and satisfaction, your time is here to shine.

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