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  • February 17, 2021
  • Gareth Morris

Q2 2019: Evolution’s industry news round-up


Six months in and we can just about see a slither of sunshine through the rain. Luckily, Q2 2019 has been a little brighter for the IT and tech industry, with the following news, celebrations and updates. 

And the results are in

Stack Overflow’s annual Developer Survey results have been revealed, with some interesting updates for the industry including:

  • Python beating Java as it takes the number two spot (behind Rust) as developers’ most loved language. 
  • DevOps specialists and site reliability engineers taking home the highest pay and the biggest job satisfaction scores. 
  • JavaScript maintaining the top spot for the seventh year in a row as the most commonly used programming language. 

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The biggest gaming show in the world took place this quarter, bringing important gaming news, updates and technology with it. Topics up for debate at this year’s E3 included a world without consoles thanks to cloud gaming, Google’s new video gaming platform, Stadia, and why Sony decided not to attend. 

We’re ready

The results of the 2019 Government AI Readiness Index have been released, with the UK being placed second best in the world to take advantage of AI technology for public service delivery. AI is a big deal in the UK, where research and development funding is set to increase to 2.4% of GDP by 2027. If you’re interested to know how this can enhance your career, get in touch with one of our AI recruitment specialists today. 

In other AI news, the UK government has appointed new members to its AI Council, including Paul Clarke, CTO at Ocado, and Adrian Smith, CEO of the Alan Turing Institute. 

Security flaws

Another quarter, another batch of security flaws. This time, we saw a quarter of UK universities admit that their research programmes may have been infiltrated; 64% of businesses say that they have suffered a security breach linked to abuse of user credentials; and a transgender charity suffered a historical data breach that saw thousands of emails made public online.

National Surveillance Camera Day

IT security professionals will have another day to celebrate, following the introduction of National Surveillance Camera Day on 20 June. Aiming to raise awareness about why and how they’re used, it is hoped that the event will spark a nationwide conversation about camera technology – especially that of AI and facial recognition. 

UC Expo 2019

The UC Expo (united communications) took place this May, with some important issues up for debate. Key topics included the use of AI in an enterprise’s UC infrastructure, the concept of cognitive collaboration and the future of chatbots. See the highlights here

Humans for the win

Any IT engineers out there worried about robots taking over their jobs needn’t be, according to Amazon’s chief robotics technologist. Instead, we’ll experience a future where robots and humans work together, extending human capability to gain productivity and allow us to focus on more critical tasks. 

An apple a day

Jaws dropped this quarter as Apple’s new Mac Pro unveil reached the cost of the stand. $999 is the price tag – causing many in the industry to question whether Apple has lost touch with reality. And that wasn’t the only shocking announcement: iTunes is to be no more. Launched back in 2001, iTunes users will now be redirected to Apple Music, Apple TV and the podcasts app. 

Money, money, money

Investments have been flying around the industry this quarter, spelling new projects, jobs and employers. Highlights include:

  • £18.5m investment into diversity in artificial intelligence and data science roles. 
  • Further investment by NHS England into innovative new health treatments and tests, and the use of AI and machine learning technologies.

Packing our suitcase

Elsewhere, in warmer climates, the European tech scene has been busy with:

  • Money – The Dutch government is investing €65m into a project that will help turn the Netherlands into a ‘unicorn nation’. 
  • Hackers – two huge ransomware attacks took place on Norway-based businesses this May, demanding a ransom of €51m. This has prompted Norway’s leading companies to further collaborate with national security agencies. 
  • Energy – Microsoft is building two of the world’s most sustainably designed and operated datacentres in Sweden – teaming up with Swedish electricity provider, Vattenfall, to achieve 100% renewable energy use. 
  • Women – A Dutch university is appointing female academic staff only over the next 18 months in a bid to improve its gender balance. 

In other news…

Vodafone’s 5G network will go live in seven cities at the beginning of July, Instagram is tackling hackers, Facebook is printing its own money, and we’ve been talking about CV writing for women in tech, security clearance FAQs, JavaScript frameworks, graduates and the most in-demand programming languages of 2019.


We’ll see you back here in three months – in the meantime, keep up-to-date with our IT industry blogs and LinkedIn page.  

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