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  • October 7, 2020
  • Gareth Morris

Product Managers Discuss



About the Speakers: 

Peter Whale – Successful Chief Product Officer / Head of Product with strong track record of developing and delivering best in class software, consumer electronics products and service solutions into global markets. Current CEO of Vision Formers which helps Founders and CxOs of visionary technology businesses take practical and purposeful action to get product to market and turn founder and shareholder vision into commercial market reality.

Joe Rinaldi Johnson –  Leading a team of 16 Product Managers, UX/UI designers and UX researchers who work in empowered autonomous cross-functional product teams to deliver on Zava's mission. Joe is the CPO of Zava.

Ali Bahsoun – Medical doctor, NHS Clinical Entrepreneur and CPO at MediShout. Ali has 6 years of startup experience working at Digital Surgery from early startup to acquisition then moved to MediShout. I also have 10 years of medical education experience.

Zeshan Ghory – Zeshan focuses on driving real-world impact with technology, data, and meaningful collaborations with a focus on life sciences and human health. At IQVIA his work focusses on building products and teams that apply graph analytics and AI to extract meaning from some of the world's largest healthcare data repositories.

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