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  • February 17, 2021
  • Gareth Morris

NHS Project Managers Discuss Implemtation and Using End User Feedback



Kitty Grew – Project Manager at North Central London CCG:

Since COVID, I’ve found that the system has been very efficient at implementing changes quickly and putting systems in place effectively. Do you think we can continue to work in this flexible and dynamic way post-COVID? Is there anything we can do to try to help this happen?

Charu Ritvika – Digital Transformation Project Manager at NHS​ :

Leveraging the power of collective negotiation at NHS to drive supplier behaviour and establishing central deals- the role of central bodies like NHS D etc.

Rehan Tufail – EPR Project Manager at Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust​ :

I would like to have a discussion around “Clinical engagement in EPR implementation and its impact – Clinically led EPR implementation”


0 – 0.55 (Introduction to session)

0.55 – 4.35 (Individual introductions + ice breaker)

4.35 – 15.03 (Kitty Grew Question)

15.04 – 28.10 (Charu Ritvika Question)

28.11 – 38.10 (Rehan Tufail Question)

38.11 – End (Thank you)

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