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  • February 17, 2021
  • Gareth Morris

NHS Programme Managers Discuss Digital Road-mapping and Project Priority


The Speakers

Chris Davies – Interim Transformation/Turnaround Director – NHS

Iain Gould-  Senior Programme Manager – NHS Digital

Adam Igra – Innovation Programme Director – Royal Brompton & Harefield

Peter Bradbury – Programme manager – Frimley Health Trust

The Topics

·    How do we carry on maintaining momentum for change given exhaustion of last few months and also people working from home or in different locations?

·    What are people's focuses eg non face to face outpatients, admission avoidance, elective throughput given different infection control standards and size of waiting lists?

·    Now that we are coming through Covid-19 phase 1 and Hospitals are getting back to normal, what are the biggest challenges facing you with current Programmes and Projects?

·    The impact of COVID-19 on your organisation? and how have you managed the challenges and how has it impacted your digital roadmap going forward?

·    Why don’t people use the NAO best practice programme governance? and also the Clinical Reference Group (CRG), which mandated for all Trusts some years ago?

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