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  • December 2, 2019
  • Gareth Morris

Let’s hear IT for the girls


Women make up only one-in-six tech specialists in the UK, 10% of IT team leaders and 15% of STEM roles – we’re constantly told about the lack of women in tech, but what about the women already smashing it in tech? At Evolution, we thought it was about time to highlight how women in IT are changing tech, pushing boundaries and transforming businesses around the globe.

Tech talent

It’s no secret that women are underrepresented in IT jobs across the UK, but that doesn’t mean that women aren’t making an impact. Talented women in tech possess business-critical skills that create better teams, winning cultures and significant performance results – and we’re here to celebrate just that.

Challenging perceptions

The idea that women aren’t in tech because they can’t do tech has been challenged, refuted and thrown out the window. From programming the first electronic computer to developing frequency-hopping technology (later leading to Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth) – women have the skills, ideas and tenacity to compete and innovate in the tech workplace.

In fact, a recent study on GitHub found that code submitted by women was accepted 78.7% of the time – 4% more than men’s code. Why? Maybe it has something to do with girls being leaders in tech adoption.

Closing the pay gap

Women are also making strides in closing the IT gender pay gap by challenging businesses that are not paying equally. Iceland, Sweden and Norway are leading in equal pay, and big tech companies including Apple, Intel and Microsoft have all pledged their public commitment to closing the IT gender pay gap – pushing smaller tech companies to follow.

To see this year’s salary trends, check out our 2019 IT Salary Guide.

Driving growth

Women in tech are responsible for driving significant company growth thanks to their innovative ideas and commitment to going above and beyond. Tech companies pushing innovation are on average $44 million more valuable when female leaders are involved, and companies with at least one woman on the board deliver better returns on equity, debt ratios and growth.

Transforming cultures

Women in IT are also transforming company cultures. Women recognise workplace sexism and discrimination more than men, pushing them to challenge companies and drive cultural changes that embrace diversity, create inclusion and offer support. In turn, this creates a happier working environment that attracts and keeps top talent.

Scaling new heights

At Evolution, we’re also seeing a rise in the number of women applying for promotions and climbing the career ladder – especially when it comes to management roles. Research shows that female managers are particularly good at driving employee engagement through encouragement, progression and praise, which leads to higher retention rates, lower recruitment costs and better performing teams.

Top teams

Speaking of teams, two of the most common traits of women in IT are authenticity and networking skills, both of which help to create diverse teams. Diverse teams not only satisfy quotas but they work better inter-departmentally, produce better products and services for a wider variety of customers and clients, and are harder-working, more diligent and more creative.

Paving the way

But best of all, women in IT are paving the way for full gender diversity in tech. The number of girls studying computing has risen drastically, with a 23.9% increase last year; large companies are running free scholarships and learning opportunities for girls; and leading figures are offering mentoring and coaching to show just how it’s done. 2019 is full of events celebrating and promoting women in IT, including:

Diversity in Technology

24th May 2019

BDC, London

Wonder Woman Tech

8th June 2019

Ministry of Justice, London

Women of Silicon Roundabout

25th-26th June 2019

ExCel, London

International Women’s Day

8th March 2019


European Women in Technology

November 2019

RAI, Amsterdam

Doing IT for the girls

So, less doom and gloom, and more celebration about how women are changing the future of IT and how you can benefit, whether you're a woman working IT or your business is hiring IT and tech employees.

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