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  • September 15, 2021
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In Conversation with Preeti Sud, Head of Strategy at MSE


Preeti Sud is the Head of Strategy Unit at MSE NHS FT. We spoke to Preeti to share her journey and the amazing work done by the Strategy Unit at MSE. 

The Strategy Unit 

Set up in 2018 as the internal consultancy arm of the Trust, the Strategy Unit works on developing internal organisational strategy and are currently working on developing other functional strategies from quality to people. 

Sitting within the Strategy team is an insights and evaluation function, which includes a handful of strategic analysts from a variety of different backgrounds from public health to education. This diverse team helps enable the wide portfolio of projects the Strategy Team at MSE takes on – including the Anchor Programme, which seeks to use the data and insights the hospital has for its patients and also local authority insights from the 1.2 million it serves to create social value for the local community.  

“It’s not just about providing care in the hospital, it’s also about what do we do beyond providing care. The anchor programme helps us think about their life, things beyond when they walk in through the hospital door. Is there something we can do to help with employment for disadvantaged groups?  Why are certain groups not attending their appointments? What can we do differently? How can we work differently as a system partner? Because not all the answers will be within the hospital.” 

In addition to looking at providing equitable care through their policies, the Strategy team are focusing on doing something extra for disadvantaged groups who are seeing a higher variation in the outcomes for the care that is being provided to them.  

In what is an incredibly forward-thinking and proactive team, Preeti and the Strategy team are also looking at predictive modelling for COVID and other eventualities.  

“We did a lot of predictive work on what COVID might look like in its second and third wave. And that’s a specific skill set. That helped us think about the resources we need and if we’ll need to move things around to be best prepared.” 

I Got Hooked on the NHS 

Initially starting her career in India, Preeti worked in pharma before deciding to do an MBA at Manchester Business School. During her MBA Preeti secured an internship with Manchester Hospital. Her work here supported business development of the Hospitals Genetic Services and how they can get the most out of the assets they have to market the service. 

Graduating from Manchester Business School in 2009, slap-bang in the middle of the financial crisis, Preeti was fortunate to already have great relationships with those in the NHS and was quickly given the opportunity to work there full-time.  

“I got hooked on the NHS. If you leave me in the middle of the Amazon, I’d still find something health-care related to do. I very quickly got involved in project management in NHS Northwest and I haven’t looked back.” 

You Need Thick Skin 

For those looking to move into a leadership position, Preeti recommends the NHS as a exciting and rewarding place to work.  

“We have lots of different careers which we don’t market very well.” 

Going one step further for those just starting out in the NHS, Preeti recounts some of the advice she’s been given by her mentors and coaches throughout her career. 

“If you’re in a role where you need clinical engagement, don’t give up. It takes time and they need to understand why you’re doing what you’re doing.” 

A certain level of resilience is required for success in most jobs and the NHS is no different. The key for Preeti was to never take anything personally, especially when the NHS is so often the point of debate within the public domain.  

“If you’re starting new, don’t take debates/criticism personally. It’s a journey. We all understand. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or seek out a buddy or a mentor – exploit those opportunities.” 

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