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  • February 25, 2021
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HR Asia Recruitment Awards 2018: It’s a Gold for Evolution!


Respected as the benchmark within the recruitment industry, the HR Asia Recruitment Awards is one of Asia’s largest award event dedicated to celebrating both in-house corporate recruitment teams and recruitment solutions providers.


Evolution Recruitment Solutions was nominated for three categories at this year’s event and clinched the Gold award for Best Client Service.


The award is a testament to the efforts we have put in to improve our client services. One of them is the implementation of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) so that clients can rate us on our services and we can continually work on improving them. Last year, we set up EvoXperience teams across all our global offices. These teams are dedicated to improving the recruitment experience for our clients, candidates and employees, and we are now seeing the fruits of their labour. We are extremely pleased with the improvements we have made so far; Nevertheless, this is only a start – we will continue to innovate and differentiate ourselves by providing a great recruitment experience for our clients, candidates and employees.

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