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  • February 25, 2021
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How to Recruit Top IT Talent


Hiring and retaining the finest IT talent in Singapore is challenging. Despite this, it is still possible to attract talent that meets the requirements of your business. However, you have to understand that the current IT job market swings heavily in favour of candidates and if you do not know how to market yourself properly as an employer, you will lose good candidates to your competitors.

Here, we discuss a few key areas you can begin with to recruit top IT talent in Singapore.

1. Cultivate a corporate culture that attracts top IT talent

By building the right corporate culture, you will be able to consistently attract great IT talent for your company. Think Google, Microsoft and Apple. These companies are synonymous with a culture where the finest people want to work in. A great culture is not only the best way to employ top talent, it is also the best staff retention strategy you can have.

Building a great culture isn’t easy. It takes years of consistent planning and effort. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

– Put your employees first

When the management truly cares for the employees, employees will care for one another, your customers and the community.

Create a winning culture where individuals are treated with respect and trust, and protect the culture every day. When you have a great culture, word will get out and your employees will refer like-minded, talented people to your team.

– Maximise the impact of your finest staff

Even if you already have a positive corporate culture, by maximising your finest staff and placing them in roles of excellent impact, you will be able to create a higher-performing culture.

– Be involved with the hiring process

Disengaging yourself from the hiring process is one of the worst business decision a small business owner can make. After all, it’s your culture, business, and leadership—why should you let someone else make your recruiting decisions?

2. Build a strong employer brand

The best way to attract high-quality applicants is to stand out from the crowd and show candidates how joining your company can help the them reach their career goals.

– Offer clarity on the company and career opportunities

If the candidate knows what your company is about, is clear of your company’s mission and values and the career opportunities that are available, he will be better able to gauge if the company’s values are aligned to his values and whether he would be a good culture fit.

This information can be shared early in the recruitment process through videos, career pages, social media posts and personal communications from senior leaders.

– Offer flexible work arrangements (FWAs)

Gone are the days of the “traditional” office environment. With more companies offering part-time work, staggered start hours and telecommuting, FWAs is fast becoming commonplace for companies that value employees’ work-life balance and individuality.

FWAs not only helps companies recruit talent, it also helps with their retention strategies. Based on Evolution’s research, 40% of IT professionals agree that “flexible hours” is an important consideration when they accept a job offer, while poor work/life balance (37%) and lack of flexible hours (16%) are important factors that caused them to consider changing jobs.

– Know Your Employer Value Proposition (EVP)

Like your corporate brand, you need to build your employer brand. An important part of building your employer brand is identifying your unique selling points as an employer so you can consistently communicate them externally to prospective candidates.

3. Having a shorter time to hire

Many companies lose talent because the recruitment process was too long or the hiring managers took too long to make the hiring decision. Meanwhile, competitors are responding quicker and by the time you respond, your candidate has either taken up another job or lost interest in your company due to the delay.

Showing candidates that you value their time makes the recruitment experience so much more positive. By providing updates to candidates along the way, you not only keep them interested in the role, you’ll also stand out as a desirable employer compared to your competitors.

Evolution Recruitment Solutions can help you shorten your recruitment process and attract top IT talent to your team. Contact us today to find out more about our services.

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