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  • February 17, 2021
  • Gareth Morris

How to attract the top cybersecurity specialists out there


There are plenty of articles out there on how to attract the top cybersecurity specialists, but what these blogs don’t tackle is the variety of career motivators for different cybersecurity professionals. Whether you’re searching for cybersecurity graduates, managers, board members or just a more diverse team, join us as we take a look at how to attract the best talent out there for your IT security vacancies

Attracting the top cybersecurity graduates

Starting at the bottom and working our way up, we know from experience how tough attracting the best graduates to your grad scheme can be – and cybersecurity is no different. With more than 400,000 students expected to graduate this year, attracting the best requires:

Event attendance

Those serious about their post-university career will be attending careers fairs and networking events to meet the best employers out there. Depending on the size of your graduate scheme, you need to be attending local events at the very least, or partnering with a specialist IT recruitment agency who will be there on your behalf. 

Social media presence

Graduates use social media for everything – from venting about their day and asking for opinions on their outfit, to checking out which companies they’d like to work for. Keep your recruitment social media updated and engaging, while providing an insight into what it’s like working for you. 


The best cybersecurity graduates out there won’t want to stay on a new graduate’s wage or responsibilities for long. Use your social media content, careers website and interview process to demonstrate how through coaching, training and projects the graduate can advance their cybersecurity career in a short space of time. 

Attracting the top cybersecurity managers

With cybersecurity gaining significance in businesses of all sizes, you might now be ready to start recruiting your first cybersecurity team, which requires a manager. But how do you attract candidates with the ideal mix of technical and people skills?


Cybersecurity meetups, conferences and events are full of potential candidates who are serious about keeping their knowledge, skills and contacts up-to-date. Attend, network in and speak at these events to get your name known and meet potential job seekers. 


Cybersecurity management requires expertise, time and dedication – candidates will want a benefits package to match. Offer a competitive salary, using a 2019 IT salary guide, and benefits that mean something, such as flexible work hours, free parking and the option to work remotely. 


IT people managers will be less concerned about immediate career progression (they’re already well on their way) and more motivated by what they can achieve at their current level. Use the job description to highlight how much autonomy the position holds, opportunities for personal development, and the company’s commitment to a culture of security. 

Attracting the top senior cybersecurity professionals

For those lucky enough to be recruiting senior cybersecurity professionals, you need to work hard on attracting someone who has the skills and knowledge to lead and influence the rest of the board confidently. To interest the most senior cybersecurity professionals, you need to:

Amend your recruitment process

Senior candidates will have little time or will to complete a lengthy application form. Streamline your recruitment process by using a specialist IT recruitment agency who can headhunt senior candidates, conduct pre-screening assessments and let you skip straight to the interview stage. 

Highlight the bigger picture

Board-level cybersecurity professionals are attracted to companies that share their IT security vision and that are passionate about how the right candidate can influence the strategy required to achieve it. This might require investing in promotional videos and recruitment marketing content – or working with someone who can do this for you

Amend your entry requirements 

While you want your most senior candidates to be appropriately qualified, this type of role requires more in the way of experience than previous A-Levels. Adjust your entry requirements accordingly so that a lack of formal qualifications doesn’t put off an otherwise perfect candidate. 

Attracting the top diverse cybersecurity candidates

Attracting a diverse cybersecurity team should be your priority no matter what level the vacancy, and this can be achieved by:

Implementing the right policies

Flexible policies widen the candidate pool, which widens the type of people that apply to your vacancy. Take a look at your current benefits and policies to ensure that they will attract a diverse range of candidates to your company. 

Getting involved

Nothing attracts an equal mix of talented professionals more than getting involved in the cause. Blog about your staff who are using your flexible working policy to pick up the kids, tweet about your equal pay policies and attend events that promote equality in IT. 

Working with a cybersecurity recruitment agency

External help can assist you in approaching different candidate pools, removing selection bias and ensuring that you interview candidates based on their abilities, not their characteristics. 


Attracting the top cybersecurity specialists out there

Don’t fall foul of the cybersecurity skills shortage. Attract the right candidates by offering the right benefits, a flexible recruitment process and asking yourself the simple question “would I want to apply?”

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