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  • February 25, 2021
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How IT Jobseekers Can Use Recruitment Companies Effectively


Job searching can be an overwhelming experience if you’ve been searching for months now without any breakthroughs. What if you have someone to search for your ideal job on your behalf? This is where recruitment companies and recruiters come in. By working with the right recruitment companies and building relationships with recruiters who know your professional field well, you have an advantage over jobseekers who are applying for positions via job portals.


By working with the right recruiters and managing your relationship with recruiters well, you don’t just get to learn about new positions and understand the current IT recruitment landscape better, you might even get to know about positions that aren’t advertised yet.


In this article, we’ll take an in depth look at how jobseekers can work with IT recruitment companies and recruiters to get an edge when it comes to searching for the ideal position.


How do IT recruitment companies work?

Knowing how IT recruitment companies function will help you be more effective in your job search when partnering with a recruiter.


IT recruitment companies fall under the category of “specialist recruitment companies”. Such companies tend to specialise in one or a few sectors or job functions. For example, Evolution Recruitment Solutions is a specialist recruitment company focused on the IT and technology sector.


Typically, recruiters in specialist recruitment companies specialise in one or a few verticals and they build their knowledge and networks of key hiring decision makers at organisations. For example, an IT recruiter may specialise in software engineering. He gains as much knowledge as he can about the job market in the area of software engineering and gets to know key hiring decision makers at companies hiring software engineers.


When a hiring manager identifies a hiring need at his company, he works with the company’s internal HR team. They might then choose to work together with the recruitment company to identify suitable candidates for the position.


As the candidate (you) go through the interview process, the recruiter is in touch with you, preparing you for the interview and providing the interviewers’ feedback to the you after your interview. With the information, you can then expect to improve your interview skills along the way. Good recruiters often provide a comprehensive service to help you seal a job offer. This may include helping you refine and write a more focused resume and providing advice on your career path.


The process of working with recruiters usually begins when you submit your curriculum vitae or apply for employment on the recruitment company’s website. In addition, recruiters may reach out to you to arrange a preliminary phone or face-to-face interview to see what your career ambitions and motivations are and where you fit into your present position in an organisation. They may provide interview coaching to prepare you for this next level once they effectively match you to a job.


Building your relationship with an IT recruiter

You may need to spend some time connecting with a few recruiters so that you can get to know them better. Information such as “how long they have been with the business”, “how will they market your resume” and “how will they introduce you to prospective employers” are useful information.


You could also ask your peers, friends and acquaintances for recommendations for recruiters that they have worked with. While linking with more than one recruiter does not cause any damage, you will have to make sure that they do not submit you for the same position.


Working with a recruiter is a two-way process. You’re going to have to create a healthy professional connection with recruiters by helping them to help you. They may require you to do fundamental duties like updating your CV or cleaning up your LinkedIn profile. You may also need to be prepared to be flexible with the dates and times of the interview.


Get the most out of a recruitment company

There are many reasons why jobseekers apply for jobs through a recruitment company, but the primary reason is because they can tap into the riches of data and experience that recruitment companies and recruiters have from working with businesses across industries and sectors.


As with most working relationships, trust is key. Being honest about your career history and reasons for switching job will help the recruiter identify the right opportunity for you. You should try to define what you are searching for in a job and ask questions to clarify your doubts and learn more about the opportunity.


Start your job-hunt now

Most recruiters are available to connect either via LinkedIn or email. Do not be afraid to get in touch with them because they are constantly searching for good IT candidates. You can also join professional and business associations as well as alumni groups to contact recruiters.


If you are in the field of technology, you can also reach out to Evolution recruitment consultants here.


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