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  • February 17, 2021
  • Gareth Morris

How goal mapping helped the Co-op Group reach its full potential


At the back end of 2019, Evolution Recruitment Solutions was tasked with a challenge: to help the Co-op Group achieve its 2020 strategic objectives by using goal mapping during its IT Innovation Day. With key strategic IT partners, including Microsoft, BT and Deloitte attending, this was the perfect opportunity to put our certified goal mapping skills to work and help one of our clients reach their full potential. 

What is goal mapping?

Goal mapping is a goal-setting technique developed by Brian Mayne and used by high performing organisations across the globe, including Siemens, Disney and Coca-Cola. The technique is based on seven core principles that help businesses and teams develop a clear plan of what they want, why they want it, when and how they will achieve it, and who will support them. 

Once established, these consciously chosen and planned goals are translated into imagery to help the goal setter connect them with the subconscious mind. This balance of logical and visual thinking breaks the goal down, keeps it in mind and ultimately delivers results. It can also open solution-based thinking, create accountability and give daily routines a sense of purpose. 

How goal mapping helped the Co-op Group deliver its strategic goals

Our Brian Mayne trained and certified team worked with the Co-op’s IT Supplier Management team to demonstrate the goal mapping process and how it could help them realise their full potential. We worked with their three core objectives for 2020 (endangered species, education and mental wellbeing) and developed a goal map for achieving these with the support of their IT partners.

At the Innovation Day, each partner developed individual goal maps on how they would support and deliver these objectives for the Co-op Group and their own organisations.

How goal mapping can help you and your business

The best thing about goal mapping is that it works for businesses and teams of all sizes, and it can work for individuals too. 

At Evolution, we not only use goal mapping for our overall business strategy and team goals, but we use it for our employees too. As part of our commitment to personal and professional development, everyone is trained and coached in goal mapping, which includes a quarterly progress meeting to keep the end goal in mind. 

As a result, we’ve seen new cars, new houses, additional qualifications and plenty of promotions across all teams. Goal mapping has also helped us to achieve a highly respectable Platinum Investors in People status and a Princess Royal Training Award. 

We’re so passionate about the power of goal mapping, that we combined it with our commitment to helping people and organisations realise their potential, and became fully certified to deliver goal mapping training to others. 

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