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  • February 8, 2019
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How do recruitment agencies work?


There are benefits to using a recruitment company for your job search and we have talked about them here. By building a positive relationship with your recruiter, you will have a more productive recruitment experience.


In this series “Working with recruitment companies”, we explore the dos and don’ts of working with a recruiter.


Employers hire recruitment agencies (also called “recruitment firms”, “recruitment companies”, “executive search firms” or “head hunting firms”) to help them search for job applicants.


Recruiters at recruitment agencies work by first examining the requirements of the job opening, often by working closely with the hiring manager to understand as much about the job as possible. This include the job requirements (technical skills and soft skills), the culture of the team and company etc. 


With the requirements, the recruiter identify skilled individuals using multiple different channels which may include:

  • Job portals
  • Social Media
  • Professional networks
  • Events
  • Referrals


The recruiter then screens potential job candidates often through speaking to them over the phone or via a face to face meeting to assess if they fit the requirements of the job and hiring manager.


After recommending suitable candidates to the hiring manager, the recruiter then coordinates the interview process and assist with the selection and job offer for the new hire.


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