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  • February 18, 2021
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Helping children realise their potential


Since November 2016, Evolution Singapore has been actively supporting the Shadrach
Children Home in Myanmar. This home was started by Ms Khaw Shin in 2014. Ms Khaw was originally a teacher in the politically unstable Wa region which is near the
Chinese border. This region is controlled by the local communist armed group and is
politically backed by China. In 2014, Ms Khaw and a few other teachers were falsely
accused of playing politics against the local communist armed group and they were forced to
leave. As Ms Khaw was leaving, parents begged her to bring their children along with her as
the children in the village typically end up in the drug trade or join the local resistance
movement. A group of 20 children followed Ms Khaw to the That Yan Village in the Northern
Shan State where there is proper government administration and a better environment.

The home now supports 35 children. Ms Khaw who does not have any regular financial
support depends on her friends to run the home. Employees at Evolution Singapore
contribute a portion of their monthly earnings to the home. On top of that, the company
matches the contribution by employees on a 1-for-1 basis. With Evolution’s support, the
children now have access to medical care and adequate nutrition.

The objectives of the home are:
a) To provide the children access to formal education in hope to liberate them from
circumstances beyond their control.
b) To supplement the children’s formal education with opportunities to grow intellectually
through other means.
c) To facilitate normal physical growth of the children by means of preventive medical care
and a nutrition programme.
d) To train and equip the children with skills to perform the duties of a good citizen.

These objectives are aligned with Evolution’s mission to help people and organisations
realise their potential. Over the last 2 years, Evolution Singapore has raised $16,200 for the
home. Apart from this, employees at Evolution headquarters in the UK have also contributed
around $1000 through a “Donate to dress-down” charity drive.

If you would like to learn more about the home or provide your support, please contact
Sathya at Sathya.Jayagopal@evolutionjobs.sg

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