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  • February 25, 2021
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Get ahead of the curve – using the lead up to Christmas to find your dream job


Now is the Perfect Time

In recent years, the perceived wisdom is that November/December is a bad time to hire new staff and/or look for a new job. This has changed with some of the most innovative, rapidly growing tech companies in Australia, choosing now as the perfect time to find new additions to their cohorts and gain competitive advantage in the increasingly talent-short market.


The Perfect Storm

It’s well known that the single biggest challenge to start-ups globally is identifying, attracting and engaging high-calibre talent quickly enough to meet funding targets and get their products to market.


Nowhere is this a bigger issue than in Australia, with the ‘perfect storm’ of tech investment appetite and perennial skills shortage leading many local tech companies to ramp up on their hiring in Q4.


For fast-growing tech firms, the logic appears to be that not hiring before Christmas – indeed at any time of year – is not only an unnecessary handicap in an already tough game, it’s a missed opportunity to secure highly sought-after engineers before the new year within a less competitive market.


Earlier adopters of this strategy in the last couple of years have been able to continue to grow their engineering teams and ship product throughout the traditional pre-Australia Day hiatus and get ahead of release schedules while their competitors for talent are still fishing through CVs of people sticking to the age-old New Year, New Job mantra. 


What Does this Mean for Job Seekers?

There’s now more opportunity than ever in the run up to Christmas to secure their dream job, with the likelihood of less competition and a more engaging onboarding experience.


If you’ve been thinking about looking for a new job in the new year, why not speak to an Evolution Consultant today to find out what opportunities exist? 


It could be a case of New Year, New Job Secured!


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