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  • February 25, 2021
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Four Ways a Recruitment Agency Can Improve the Quality of Your Hire


Hiring the right person for a job isn’t easy, finding the perfect one that fits all your requirement is even more challenging. The tech talent market in Singapore remains tight, with more than 70% of IT professionals not actively looking to leave their current jobs. If there’s one thing a company has trouble going through, it’s the hiring process.


Hiring the right persons for your team is the first step to ensuring long-term growth for your business. On the contrary, hiring the wrong person for the job can be disruptive to your business, damaging to your work culture or even drive your best employees away. That said, we can always improve the quality of hiring with the services of a recruitment agency. Employment agencies exist to do just one thing: find the right person for your team.


Here are four reasons why and how a recruitment agency can improve the quality of your hire.


1. Expert knowledge

As specialists in the hiring process, a recruiter is an expert at all things related to recruitment. Recruitment agencies understand the constantly-changing market well, giving them the upper hand when it comes to identifying the right candidates. A good recruitment agency knows the ins and outs of the market, and this includes the availability of rare talent (think Golang Developers, React Js Developers and Cyber Security Engineers), how to reach them, and the best way to get them interested in the new opportunity at your organisation.


2. Proven methodology for finding the right people

After identifying the right people in the market through their networks, recruiters work hard to find ways to reach these people in their longlist to find out more about their experience, career aspirations and where they currently are professionally. Recruiters intensively analyse their backgrounds with your workplace culture and job requirements in mind, to ensure that they are right for the job. Ultimately, you only get to hear about 2-3 shortlisted candidates that match your requirements closely.


The recruiting process is long, intensive and is both a science and an art, but recruitment agencies have deep insight of the whole process. For technology recruitment, recruiters don’t just understand thoroughly the prevailing market conditions, the technologies employed at the hiring organisation and the ever-changing compensation packages, they also have to know how best to position your organisation to the candidate. Recruiters take years to become proficient with the full recruiting cycle and build their networks of good candidates. By tapping on the recruiter's expertise, you will be tapping on the experience that they have built up over many years.


3. Collaborative effort

The relationship between the hiring organisation and the recruitment agency is a mutually beneficial one. The hiring organisation provides financial resources, while the recruitment agency provides strategic insight and improved quality of hiring. For most organisations, hiring the right people for their team can lead to business growth which would make the investments made in hiring well worth it.


While smaller businesses may find it hard to partner a recruitment agency due to resource constraints, there are innovative solutions in the market, such as the Talent Light that we recently launched.


4. Saving time

When time is of the essence, finding the right person for the job is a difficult task to handle. Thankfully, recruitment agencies are fully adept at saving time. Recruitment agencies take the stressful tasks of the hiring process away from you. These include talent sourcing, coordinating interviews, negotiating salaries, managing candidates and conducting background checks.


With the bulk of the work handled over to the recruitment agency, you free up more time for things like onboarding, employee engagement and performance management.


Hiring for your IT team? Quicken your search for the right candidate by letting Evolution Recruitment Solutions assist you. We are a recruitment agency in Singapore fully capable of providing you with expert IT and Technology recruitment services in Singapore.


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