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  • February 17, 2021
  • Gareth Morris

Evolution awarded Cybersecurity Recruitment Firm of the Year


Evolution is thrilled to have be awarded the Cybersecurity Recruitment Firm of the Year 2017 award, by the Global Defence Security (GDS) Review. Our IT Security & Defence team is extremely pleased to win the award, following a very successful year so far.

Given that cybersecurity has been described as “one of the fastest growing industries across the globe”, it is an exciting time for the sector as research predicts worldwide spending will rise dramatically in the next five years.

The security of businesses is of the utmost importance, as a successful cyber-attack could mean the loss of data or leaking of sensitive information. This means that ensuring all precautions are taken throughout companies is increasing the need for those specialising in IT Security and Defence, and our specialist recruiters are seeing an increase in the number of roles available across the country.

We would like to thank the GDS Review for this fantastic award, and I would like to personally thank my team for their continued hard work.

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