Evo UK #90 – Taking a Product from Conception to Delivery

Meet the speakers

Paul Michaels

Microsoft MVP and Head of Development At Music Magpie

Chris Diver

Director of IT AT Scan Computers

Aleksa Vukotic

Pragmatic CTO At TheStartUpFactory

Today's host

Scott Hutchinson

Join host Scott Hutchinson on this episode of Evo UK as he delves deep into the intricacies of taking a product from conception to delivery. Our esteemed guests, Paul Michaels, a Microsoft MVP and Head of Development at Music Magpie; Chris Diver, Director of IT at Scan Computers; and Aleksa Vukotic, Pragmatic CTO at TheStartUpFactory, share their invaluable insights. Explore the challenges, innovations, and strategies involved in product development. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the technology landscape, from Microsoft MVP expertise to pragmatic startup solutions. Stay tuned for a captivating conversation that unveils the secrets of successful product journeys.

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