Evo UK #84 – The Difference Between Sustainability And ESG

Meet the speakers

Astrid Wynne-Rogers

Head of Sustainability At Techbuyer

Dr. Michael Nates

Founder At Multiverse Consultants

Melissa Wellings

ESG/Sustainability Director At Harwich Haven Port Authority

Today's host

Drew Percival

Join host Drew Percival in this insightful episode as he explores “The Difference Between Sustainability And ESG” with distinguished guests from various sectors. Astrid Wynne-Rogers, Head of Sustainability at Techbuyer, Dr. Michael Nates, Founder of Multiverse Consultants, and Melissa Wellings, ESG/Sustainability Director at Harwich Haven Port Authority, share their expertise and experiences in navigating the world of sustainability and ESG. Discover key insights into responsible business practices, ethical investments, and the impact of environmental and social factors on corporate decision-making. Tune in for a deep dive into the realm of sustainability and ESG, and gain valuable knowledge for a more eco-conscious future.

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