Evo UK #83 – Bridge To Balance – Cultural Crossroads In The Tech World Part 2

Meet the speakers

Peter Briffett

CEO & Co-Founder At Wagestream

Greg Roach

Chief Technology Officer & Head of Innovation At Spinview Global

Juliette Brown

Operations Director At Software Alliance

Gustav Trenwith

Software Engineering Team Lead At Prodigy Finance

Ankur Sharma

Chief Product & Technology Officer At PerkBox

Today's host

Dharmesh Patel

Join host Dharmesh Patel in the latest episode of Evo UK as he delves into the intricate intersection of culture and technology in the second part of “Bridge To Balance: Cultural Crossroads In The Tech World.” Dharmesh is joined by a panel of esteemed guests, including Peter Briffett, CEO & Co-Founder of Wagestream; Greg Roach, Chief Technology Officer & Head of Innovation at Spinview Global; Juliette Brown, Operations Director at Software Alliance; Gustav Trenwith, Software Engineering Team Lead at Prodigy Finance; and Ankur Sharma, Chief Product & Technology Officer at PerkBox. Explore the dynamic landscape of the tech world and the challenges of cultural diversity.

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