Evo UK #82 – Bridge To Balance – Cultural Crossroads In The Tech World Part 1

Meet the speakers

Mark Francis

Head of Engineering At Moonstar.ai

Jean-Pierre du Toit

General Manager At SportsLocker

Graeme Johnstone

Head of Software Engineering At Natterbox

Aimee Burnham

Director of Colleague Technology At OVO Energy

Felix Atkin

Founder & CEO At Sharesy

Today's host

Dharmesh Patel

Join host Dharmesh Patel in Episode 82 of Evo UK as he delves into the fascinating world of cultural crossroads in the tech industry. Dharmesh is joined by a panel of esteemed guests, including Mark Francis, Head of Engineering at Moonstar.ai, Jean-Pierre du Toit, General Manager at SportsLocker, Graeme Johnstone, Head of Software Engineering at Natterbox, Aimee Burnham, Director of Colleague Technology at OVO Energy, and Felix Atkin, Founder & CEO of Sharesy. Explore the challenges and opportunities at the intersection of technology and culture in this insightful discussion

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