Evo UK #81 – From Start-up to Scale-up

Meet the speakers

Wojciech Duell

Engineering ManagerAt Alpha Group

Oliver Gray

Engineering Leader At Trustpilot

Joel Jenvey

Head of Development At BigChange

Abhishek Kapadiya

Engineering Manager At Appraisd

Today's host

Dylan Crowley

Join host Dylan Crowley in episode 81 of Evo UK as he explores the journey ‘From Start-up to Scale-up’ with industry experts. Our distinguished guests include Wojciech Duell, Engineering Manager at Alpha Group; Oliver Gray, Engineering Leader at Trustpilot; Joel Jenvey, Head of Development at BigChange; and Abhishek Kapadiya, Engineering Manager at Appraisd. Discover invaluable insights into entrepreneurship, engineering, leadership, and technology innovation as we delve into the world of business growth in the UK

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